Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Is Del.icio.us delicious?

It was totally delicious! I always hated working on other computers except my personal labtop BECAUSE it didnʻt have my bookmarks of the websites that I am always on. The convenience of having this website that has them organized for me, which in turn allows me to access them from any computer is great. The feature that allows you to share websites of common interests is wonderful. Can you imagine the possibilities in terms of our research efforts. I will love to hook up to the sites that my professors and cohorts use frequently. It would save alot of time and effort searching for information needed if we all shared the specific sites that we all found useful. The networking power is endless. That is the Marvelous thing that I have found from our class in the past few weeks. The technology allows us to help one another in a way that a previously impossible. TEAMWORK! WE SHOULD ALL BE USED TO THAT CONCEPT!
I already have my account set up with all my favorites! :-)

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