Sunday, May 31, 2009

Valuable technology in our classroom setting!

Exploring the Web 2.0 award lists was exciting. I really can utilize all the new technology skills that I now posses in my classroom. Here is a example: I was looking at the website when completing the other assignment and had a great idea. How about if I gave the students a assignment to log their weight and information at the beginning of the year and had them keep track of their progress throughout the year. I could also incorporate journal entries as they analyze their personal progress on a monthly basis and have them create goals in terms of weight loss and personal fitness. WOW! I am getting excited just thinking about the possibilities.
Another great idea I had was using a official school blog to keep the parents updated about what we are doing in class and the progress of the students in general. I know some parents would really love that idea. It would make the parent and teacher relationship so much stronger. Technology will make my class much more efficient and effective. Mahalo


  1. Great ideas Maika! If the students really tracked themselves all year then you would have some great long term data to work with!! Communicating with the parents can be very difficult but I agree that blogs could streamline that process. Keep the great ideas coming - I might have to borrow some!!

  2. I looked at the same site (ifit). I think there is a lot of interesting ways to include that site into a PE program. The idea of a school blog is pretty interesting. That could help spark some interest from the parents, which I know we can use at our school.