Sunday, May 24, 2009

Interesting Things from the Articles!!!

Social Networking/Alfred/Benjamin
WOW! I can clearly see the tremendous impact that the internet has had within social circles! WOW! It stated in the articles that an evolution is happening in social interactions larger in scale than anything before. I belive it because I am a part of it! Just look at me. I am in a Masters program with cohorts from all around the U.S. at a college in Frenso, CA while I am in the Middle of the Pacific Ocean on a Island called Hawai'i. If that isn't amazing then I don't know what it! We are all apart of this amazing movement in social interactionas as we pursue Higher Education.

Examing Social Software in Teacher Education/
Richard E. Ferdig
One very interesting topic that was brought up was the foresight and the knowledge that educators need to have about what is out there and what are our students doing with that education. On the 3rd page it stated that we as educators need to create a constructivist learning enviroment that provides oppotunities for students to publish artifact of learning and then promote feedback which results in reflection. Using technology such as facebook in a learning enviroment would be great! With our students being soo very computer savvvvy, we as educators need to use their strengths and interests to promote positive learning experiences through the many social software opportunities at our disposal.

Utilizing social networking media to support "always on" learning styles
Derek/ Mercedes

How we learn, changes what we learn and in turn changes how fast we learn things. The changes in learning has drastically changed the expectations and the perspective of our students these days. I loved the statement that said "the convergence of social networking is changing the face of education." How and Why is the question I asked myself. The how is through the computer. Being able to converse, brainstorm and exchange ideas with a click of the mouse is Marvelous. No time or distance can limit this type of communication. Why? The youth, our students live in a world of FAST paced food, information which enables them to become accustomed to the speed. We can harness that speed and use it for the benfit of our students! If we ourselves can keep up! :-)

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