Friday, June 19, 2009

professional portfolio - personal web site, Plaxo, LinkedIn.

I loved the digital portfolio! It is amazing how fast and easy it was to design and personalize. It wasn't many years ago that you practically had to be a computer wizard to design a web page with all the bells and whistles. These days I can do it with a few simple instructions. Now I am the WIZARD of the Universe! :-) I was a little worried when the instructions that were e-mailed to us were the old websites pictures, but I played around and was able to figure it out. It was FUN and EASY! It made it a enjoyable experience after the initial shock. I can see how this kind of website would be GREAT for group projects as you work with others.
Plaxo and linkedln were very similar in the fact that they allow you to connect with social circles with similar interests of all kinds. It did seem a little more serious and professional then facebook and myspace. I guess it is what you prefer. I will probably keep facebook for family and close friends and then use Plaxo/linkedln for projects and communication with co-workers. The more options I have the more flexible I can be! Mahalo

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